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I am testing plugin compatibility. I installed Akismet plugin (V2B3) in Q2A V1.6.3. Install is OK. But can't confirm that spam protected... I input "viagra-test-123" into title and description on question form. And I investigated is_spam() function in akismet.class.php. But, return value is always 'false' (Not spam / safe). My environment is localhost. Does this obstruct movement of akismet?

Does this plugin work definitely in your site?
Q2A version: 1.6.3

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I did a lot of tests with it (in my dev environment only), and I've also noticed that a lot of spammy *content* was not intercepted.

So I also had some doubts about it smiley

After a research on internet I found that their algorithm is "secret", but it looks like that it does not consider only the "content" of a post, but also other factors such as the IP address from where the post comes. For instance, if your IP is not on its black-list AND it's the IP that is invoking the Akismet's API, the algorithm could conclude that the poster is trustworthy (so the return value is False).

However I think it has other main issues too (that I've already submitted to the author sad )

I think however I'll give it a try

Thank you maxj. I watched your questions before asking this question, but there did not seem to be answer after all. I try it in the online site.
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Have you read this tutorial on how to test Akismet's APIs ?
It say that for testing the API the "viagra-test-123" keyword should be the *username* (name of the sender), and not the title or the content of a post (in fact it is not a common spam sentence...).
(as an example of spammy *content*, I think it would be better a post with a "normal" sentence like for instance "buy viagra cheap!!", better as an anonymous user)
It's interesting to notice that they say also :

"Akismet works by examining all the available information combined. It is not enough to provide just the content of a message; you need to provide as many independent pieces of information as you can in each call"
"Akismet is highly dependent on the quality and completeness of the data you provide. It’s important to provide as many parameters as possible, and to make sure they contain correct values."

I've not verified this aspect (what information the plugin is sending) : I hope that it's not sending only the content of a post...
Oh, comment_author ... And, upper comment useful for me. Thanks.