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I decided not to change this plugin until version 2.0.0, But some important bugs and changes forced me to do that.

Now, version 1.4.0 of my brach of Scott's edit history plugin is available here on Github


  • Removed view permission from admin page
  • Add view permission to admin/permissions page (using some Noah's codes). It is much more powerful than previous methos.
  • Fixed plugin not to store silent edits

Scott is going to enhance and improve his plugin too. here on Github you can see main branch

My plans for version 2.0.0:

  • Let user to edit post quite after another edit, but store only one record in edit_history table
  • Load tables from database in admin page (let admin selects external users table from dropdown list)
  • Load columns for external users table (let admin selects key and handel columns for external users table from dropdown list)
  • Add reason to edit pst page
  • If revisions page called with no post id load recent edits.
  • Link from revisions to question page for edited answers
  • Specify type of post in revisions page
  • Design some default themes and let admin choose his/her favorite theme from list in admin page (for revisions page)
  • Let admin revert post to previous version (from edits list)

Do you have any other offer? Please let me know about them. Also please let me know about bugs if you are using this plugin.


Q2A version: 1.6.3
These are very good ideas! Hope to see 2.0.0 soon!
It would also be worth letting admins choose whom can revert edits,...
Thank you for your feedback. That will be very good.
Just a note, I've made some updates to my own plugin:

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