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Hi, I am planning to use Q2A for a class forum website. At the university i have to use Oracle instead of MySQL. If i want to run Q2A using Oracle what modifications do i need to make? I know certain mysql queries are nor supported by Oracle. I noticed the qa-db-* files. Are they the only files that need to be modified? Thank you for your time. I am relatively new to web development so any help would be appreciated.

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Yes, only the qa-db-*.php files need to be modified.

Start with qa-db.php and modify all the functions to use the Oracle PHP functions instead. If you start with Q2A 1.6.3 then using the procedural functions like oci_connect will be easier. You could instead grab the latest version from Github which uses the mysqli OO interface - this could be switched for PDO very simply. See here for details.

After you've finished qa-db.php, perhaps check what works and what doesn't, and you'll know what queries you need to change in the other qa-db-*.php files.