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I have added several categories to the top bar and like to change the colours of those tabs. Please help me to do this change.

Like "HOT!"  on the Top-Bar

Q2A version: 1.6.3

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In your theme, I'm using Snow, go to the qa-styles.css file and find the section for qa-nav-main. In Snow it's around line 461. Create a new rule:

.qa-nav-main-custom a{

color:#a80000 !important;


Just replace the word "custom" with the URL fragment of the page you created. 

Thank you very much for this answer. Please tell me does ".#a80000" represent the colour?
Does the URL fragment mean "/name"?.
Yes. #a80000 is the HTML color code for that particular shade of red. If you Google "HTML color picker" you'll find a few easy to use websites that will give you the color code for whichever color you want. The URL fragment is just the "name" part of "/name". When you create or edit a page in the Admin panel, there's a field that says "URL fragment". Get it from there.
Thank you again. I got it.