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I would really appreciate some help on this.

I've amended my site to only display search results in a particular category or set of categories. However, to do this I have overidden the q_list_item function and I have conditions in there to decide whether to show question.

What I didnt think about was the page-links. For example - the SQL query may return 40 questions but my q_list_item may only decide to display 3 of them. I'd then got lots of empty pages.

What I really need is to amend the SQL query so that the filter is done there but this is far too complicated for me.

Can anyone suggest how I change the SQL Select functions for search so that it only returns results for lets say questions with a catid of 10.

Thanks for any advise.
Q2A version: 1.6.3
I would also like to find out if this is possible. I think that q_list_item is already populated with the correct number of questions (as set in Length of Questions page).
I agree that we'll need to get to the select statements but I also can't find them.

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Dont waste your time looking for answer - Dont think this is that possible on current version.