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When you click on the facebook login button it reads:


An error occurred with Question2Answer Q&A. Please try again later.

is this a problem with FB?  It is happening on the question2.asnwer.org/qa site.

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also noticed that since the new update and facebook CURL code the Q2A site runs super slow at startup.  Whenvever i hit this site over the internet it takes a few seconds to decide if it wants to load. sometimes it freezes.

On my local pc, when i access my newly installed q2a beta 2 1.3 version after a few clicks i get visual studio JIT errors for my web server crashing...

Is this some sort of memory leak?
can we disable curl or go back to the beta 1 facebook plugin.
That one worked GREAT!!!!
Please, don't resign from using curl, because some hosting providers don't support file_get_contents. Instead of rolling back I would suggest to implement an option in admin panel to use CURL or File_get_contents
I have been playing with this the better part of the weekend.  Using CURL on IIS even on a strong web server causes the application pool to crash.  If we must keep this feature to support shared hosting please provide the option to toggle it off as @ernest has suggested.  

I actually liked beta 1 a lot better because of its performance, but upgraded for testing and to get the default avatar for all users.

Great Work!!!!!!!!