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Trippy.com has a feature with google maps that you can tag (@) a place in your answer and a map is created with these locations, icons and tags.

Example: http://www.trippy.com/question/London-Where-to-stay-in-London-thats-conveniently-located-for-first-timer

Does anyone knows how to make this feature? Is it too hard to create this?

Thanks in advance!




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You can easily embed google maps to your website by using "embed" plugin. Download it from any of the two links below. 



Hope this helps. 

What I meain is that Trippy has an engine that you can tag a place using the @ (like you tag users on Facebook) and a map is created with this points that you mentioned in your answer.
Till now I don't think that there is some feature like on q2a, but maybe the DEVs of q2a can make something like this.

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