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I wanted to develop a quiz system in which numerical answers are accepted and if an user has entered the correct answer or pressed the view solution button, he gets access to a discussion page where he can type solution, comment, vote up/down, etc.

o, I tried to use the question2answer project. Using a login to view script found on the questiion2answer platform, I created password for each question which would be revealed in the quiz and then the user can go to the q2a page and type the password to participate. But this allowed leakage of password and misuse. Can anybody suggest some other method in whichI can modify the q2a project to suit my needs or use another platform for developing what I want.

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It takes a while to create a working quiz engine using q2a. See example here: http://www.question2answer.org/qa/46018/first-plugin-transforming-question2answer-real-quiz-engine