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I found some bugs in layout of question page for tags as below.

If I move the mouse to the tag on a question page the background color blue will exceed the tag box like this.

Then I checked the inspect element:

As we can compared to the one that Q2A has is this :

The "<Li />" will exceed the tag box and I don't know why I never changed any CSS layout of its class.

Furthermore this issure does not exist in the question list page as you can see here:


Does anybody can help?

Q2A version: 1.6.3
Did you confirm it in demo site?
in demo site and this site there is no such problem. So I have no idea what's going on in my site.
I found out that after I remove tag-description plugin, it all goes well...
I understood. It may be CSS bug of tag-description plugin (which?) or miss of your customization. You should perform next.
1. Show that plugin definitely.
2. Avoid "Bug" tag from this thread
3. If possible, report bug contents of that plugin.
4. Close this thread
Thank you for the advice. Really appreciated. I think this is a bug inside tag-description plugin (The one in the tutorial).

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