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When I enter URL like that http://www.cavabtap.com/125/samsung-galaxy-s4-qiymeti  adsense ads not showing but when I enter same URL but adding ?show=125#q125 at the end of this URL like that http://www.cavabtap.com/125/samsung-galaxy-s4-qiymeti?show=125#q125  ads start displaying. This is same with most of URLs. Why?

Could you help me please?

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I can see the ads on both pages
Yes , sorry, I can see 2 ads. The second one is under the navigation menu
Oh thank you very much. You were very helpful for me. Thanks for clicks too. Hahah yes 0.23 CPC perhaps you are from Italy :)
Ok ! You can also make your tests using this virtual browser :
(but uncheck first :"Remove scripts" and "Remove objects")
Thanks a lot!

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