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I'm using the q2a platform for our software development team. Since our team is distributed the question2answer site resides on the public server. It contains a lot of sensitive information that should not be viewed by anonymous users so I set the following permissions:

Viewing question pages: registered users

Asking questions: registered users

Answering questions: registered users


but still if some random user bumps into my site he/she can access the question list pages, see the users list, tags list and so on and get some information I do not want to share.


It would be great to have a new permission that hides the entire q2a site from anyone who is not logged in so that the only thing that is visible is the login form.

I am also PHP-dev myself so I can develop it and do a pull request if the feature is accepted.
Q2A version: 1.6.3
It's good idea to make it built in functionality :)
There are a few other questions similar to this with answers provided. For instance: http://question2answer.org/qa/4316/how-to-require-login-to-view-any-content
thanks for the link

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