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Why i dont get PAGE DESCRIPTION?
function head()
'<meta http-equiv="content-type" content="'.$this->content['content_type'].'"/>'
function head_title()
$pagetitle=strlen($this->request) ? strip_tags(@$this->content['title']) : '';
$headtitle=(strlen($pagetitle) ? ($pagetitle.' - ') : '').$this->content['site_title'];
$this->output('<title>'.$headtitle.'</title>');  - This show me the site title, it works
function head_metas()
if (strlen(@$this->content['description']))
$this->output('<meta name="description" content="'.$this->content['description'].'"/>');   - This doesnt show me page description. How can i add page description?
if (strlen(@$this->content['keywords'])) // as far as I know, meta keywords have zero effect on search rankings or listings
$this->output('<meta name="keywords" content="'.$this->content['keywords'].'"/>');

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Your way is very difficult. there're some more easy ways.

You cand add description via admin centre. Admin-> Layout ->  Custom HTML in <head> section.  To this section add this <meta name="description" content=" this is question to answer web site"/>

Also you can add to this section key words

<meta name="keyword...

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