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I had recently made a website using q2a but once 9 users were registered something went wrong.

Now whenever a user registers and recieve the confirmation link the link does not work.

It says 404 error page not found on clicking the link.

Is there any limitation of number of users.

If yes then how to increase it ?


Now i have  deleted all the files.

If you can increase the number of users i would love it and i would make a website with it again
Q2A version: 1.6.3

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There is no limitation on the amount of users. There must have been a different issue (EG: You might have changed the site url used to create that link and then the link creation is not correct anymore).
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You didn't provide enough information to identify the problem. Like @pupi 1985 said there is no limit to Q2A users. You'll find Q2A sites operating with more than 20,000 users here.

To avoid resetting everything when something goes wrong, I suggest backing up your files frequently so you can easily go back to the previous settings. You don't want to reset after you got some traction.