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How can I add tag to sidebar? any code? it is very nice and useful. how beta 3 have more features.

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Not so easy at the moment, I'm afraid. There would be 3 stages involved:

1. You can retrieve the most popular tags as part of a page's access to the database by modifying the qa_db_select_with_pending(...) function on the appropriate page to use qa_db_popular_tags_selectspec(0). For example on the questions page, you could change this in qa-page-home.php:

list($questions, $count)=qa_db_select_with_pending($qa_db,
    qa_db_recent_qs_selectspec($qa_login_userid, $qa_start),


list($questions, $count, $populartags)=qa_db_select_with_pending($qa_db,
    qa_db_recent_qs_selectspec($qa_login_userid, $qa_start),

2. Lower down on the same page, after qa_content_prepare(), add the $populartags variable to $qa_content, perhaps as follows:


3. Create a custom theme (see Advanced page on main site) and override the sidebar() function to do something with $this->content['populartags']. To start with you can print_r it, just to get an idea of what it contains. You can use qa_tag_html() to convert a tag to the standard HTML representation.

Good luck and let us know how it goes!
with this solution give me error Notice: Undefined variable: populartags in /home/asgamer/public_html/qa-include/qa-page-home.php  on line 130
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Thx gidgreen. I really added it. It became such a below feeling.
(Now: only home/questions/unanswered, but single question page ...?)
>> gidgreen
Because editing operation is hard, then had better separate sidebar-source from other source... ?
Thank you Gidgreen for your valuable suggestion.

But im getting following error:
"Notice: Undefined variable: populartags in /var/www/qa-include/qa-page-home.php on line 145"
In tags page in side bar, getting below error:
"Notice: Undefined index: populartags in /var/www/qa-include/qa-theme-base.php on line 325"

Could you please help me on this?
Step 1 needs to be done for all the different page requests you want to support, not just in one place. Also, in your theme file, you should first check if $qa_content['populartags'] is defined before trying to access it, since there will be some pages for which it isn't retrieved (since you haven't yet done step 1 for them). So it also might be easier just to wait for categories...!
aha! Nice, thanks for the note about advanced themes.
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or use simple links...the way I'm doing.

check here