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Can we have a dropdown option to all the questions as we have in facebook and quora.

The options can be as shown in the images below. 


It will be a very nice way to take q2a one more step close to social media look. 

Q2A version: 1.6.3

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Hi Gurjyot , 

Yah this is a very good idea to be implemented for qa . I don tthink without core hacks we can do all these functionalities . 

Well now q2a core is on github for development so devs who are interested in adding such a functionality can easily implement some features like this on github and as @Scott will approve those, we'll have this feature on q2a 1.7
But its just an idea, it'll only work if any of the devs really likes it and he would be ready to work on it.
It is not a good idea for q2a core I think . Because lots of users wants to use q2a as a only qa software only . They do not use it as a social tool . Lets wait for some more time what other users says about this .
Well in the admin panel we can have a option whether to show this system or not... That way it'll work for both. There is nothing that cannot work, its just that we always have to find a way.