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I have just got a post with 20 comments that I need to delete.

Now what I have to do with q2a v.1.6.3:

1. HIDE each single comment → 20 clicks

2. DELETE each single comment → 20 clicks

3. HIDE the question → 1 click

4. DELETE the question → 1 click

plus all the waiting time for the ajax requests.


Why not have a button for the question after hitting "Hide": Button "Delete all" (deletes the question and all answers and comments)?

That would save tremendously time!
Q2A version: 1.6.3

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I have already created a plugin ( q2a-delete-hidden-posts ) for this Kai . 

I am doing through testing on it . Because it is neccery as we are playing with lots of posts . 

Once I release you can delete all hidden posts at one shot from your entire website . It has a powerfull ability to delete all the hidden posts (questions or answers or commments )  with or without any dependent posts . The Dependent posts also will be deleetd along with the parent posts . All points and counts will be updated as usual . 

Just you have to go to admin panel and click Delete All Hidden posts Button . And you are done . Cool right ?? 

In next 2-3 days I will be releasing the plugin . :)