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How can I list database queries while loading a page?

(For wordpress : http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2473079/how-to-display-all-database-queries-made-by-wordpress)

I want this for  q2a script.

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The closest thing is in qa-config.php. Look for the line:

define('QA_DEBUG_PERFORMANCE', false);

Change false into true. Take into account it won't work for AJAX requests, you'll have to output them on your own.

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When I want to see the SQL text of the query statements, I usually uncomment the php print statement at this line (it prints the SQL statement just "after" its execution) or copy it here (when I want to print the SQL statement just "before" its execution - useful in case of troubleshooting).

Not a very clean approach, but it works smiley

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