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Hi to all! i am planing of building a q&a site having wordpress as main site,but i need to have multiple instances per city
for example www.example.com/city1 , www.example.com/city2 , www.example.com/city3.... with a single login

(In wordpress we can use taxonomies as cities and each taxonomy has its categories,but in Question2Answer we cant do this?)

Do i have to install the script as many times to directories (city1,city2,city3....) as the number of cities?
Is there any way that all cities can run from a single installation?

Q2A version: 1.6.3

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You can do it easily via .htaccess file
hi!can you give an example for this?!
Just read that if i use wordpress i  will lose the wall fanction,so i will not use it!
Thank you for the answer