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I want to change the location of the comments to the side, while the initial question/context will always be in sight. (see example). I think this layout makes more sense on a long feed and keep the discussion more focused

how and where do I start?, can I use iFrame for this?, is it a simple theme adjustment?

Q2A version: 1.6.3

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Might be a layer can do the job . You need to overrride the default comment thread behaviour and call it while defining the side bar if the template = question . It might break layout if the thread is a long one .

Ofcourse , I dont think it would be a simple theme adjustment .
You can follow amiya's advice above and use a div with overflow-y: auto instead of iframe
What about keeping the answer section below the question but in an iframe.
This way you will always see the original question.
Does this involve the same complexity?