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Please help with my website. I have more than 11.000 questions and my website isn't working propertly.

My website is: www.undegasesc.info

What can i do?

P.s. I inserted a code for analytics in "Bottom of page" section from admin panel and then all was gone. Can i edit this section from cPanel?

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Your content is all there - for example your sitemap is working fine, and I can see that the HTML output is also OK. I think perhaps you modified something in the CSS file to make the content invisible.
how? i connot acces the Bottom section trought admin panel,
where can i find bottom html from cPanel?
how can i turn off the "Display HTML bottom every page" from a php file?
I solved the problem! For others that will encounter this problem, here is the solution: access cPanel - phpMyAdmin, enter your database and search for the coresponding sidepanel. Erase all content and SAVE. This should do it.