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Just launched my website tonight and in 3 hours has have around 45 sign ups. Which is ?

Problem is no  is replying to any of the 'bait' questions or posting any new ones any tips please?
Q2A version: 1.6.3

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This is spam, pupi1985 make great post how to stop this
by pupi1985
First of all, instead of temporarily suspending user registrations you could go to the Admin -> Spam section and tick:
Enable moderation (approval) of users:  add registration fields
All new users must be approved
That way users will be able to register but would go into a moderation queue. I think it is better to disable registrations.
Regarding the not working captchas, I will have to assume that you're using a default installation, which comes with reCaptcha. So in the same section tick all the Use captcha... checkboxes. Save the settings. After saving the settings, in the same section, locate the Use captcha module combobox. There is an options text next to it. Click it. This will bring you to the plugins section and open the recaptcha module options. Click on sign up.
You will have to register in reCaptcha. You will be asked for a Google account and the domain names you want to use the captchas on, which I guess it is wikifirst.net in your case. Continue the process and you'll see a link for your domain. Click it. This will display the public and the private key, which look like this: 6McLMPgSGAAAACutJ_dHk-mRfxhoKzaJnztJCchn. Copy and paste both keys in the corresponding fields of the reCaptcha plugin options.
Then logout or open a private session in the browser and try to post anonymously, or go to the feedback page, or try to reset your password or try to register. You should see the captcha there.
Hello Ivan, even after doing all of this, I get a lot of spam registrations daily, although the captcha prevents content being posted on the site, but the users keep on signing. Please help if you can.
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Hello Sir,

you probably enable captcha but not enable for registration,
go to ADMIN - SPAM - use Use captcha for user registration:
this need work, this is how i avoid spam registration work 100%

I have recapcha enabled everywhere, including user registrations.  Still spam users do register, but they do not post anything.