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Hi All,

I have a problem about turkish characters that are "ı" "ö" "ü" "ç" ...

If these characters are used any question sentence link appeares as below :


and in the source code  as below :


This square figure is a turhish character that is "ı" (little I, but not "i")

Do you have any suggestion?

Note : All site and DB and all everything is UTF-8



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There should be no issue with characters in Turkish or any other language. The URLs look a little weird because they contain the urlencoded versions of non-English characters in UTF-8, but search engines and modern browsers will display them correctly. Perhaps if you post a link to your site I can take a more detailed look?
Yes it is, no any problem at modern browsers for example, The Crome, but at the others i have problem.

My example link : http://www.istecevap.com/1/offline-address-associated-particular-mailbox-store-uyar%C4%B1s%C4%B1

At this point my question is that how can i convert turkish characters in title to english ones in the links? For example is from "ı" "i", "ü" "u" "ç" "c" etc.

Thanks again,

Modify the function qa_q_request() in qa-base.php to replace the characters you don't want in $title, at the start of the function.
But, how? with htmlspecialchars?
It's probably easiest to use PHP's strtr() function with an array of substitutions. Make sure you set your text editor to UTF-8 for this to work!