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I want to hide the sub-categories (Recent, Hot!, Most votes, Most answers, Most views) on the Questions page. I think this adds an unnecessary layer for my site. Can someone please let me know how to hide these or remove them?

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The CSS way: Just hide the HTML.
Edit your theme's CSS file and add this class at the bottom:
.qa-template-questions .qa-nav-sub-list {
    display: none;
The PHP way: Don't even send the HTML to the client.
Edit your theme's qa-theme.php file and make the doctype function look like this (make any needed additional change):
function doctype(){
    if ($this->template === 'questions') {
Let me know if this is what you're looking for.
got it, thanks!
How can i disable only one submenu item ? "?sort=votes" for example ?
Just unset the appropriate key. EG: unset($this->content['navigation']['sub']['votes']);

Anyway, if you have further questions, please consider asking them as related questions instead of comments