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I noticed the question about the qa_contentwords table holding every word from every question/answer. 

The usual answer for search systems is a "Stop list" of words that don't add value to searches.

The wikipage has links to Stop lists for English, German, Polish and Hindi.

My question: If I was to add use of a stop words list, how would I submit the code back to the project? Will Git be used? 

Or will the developers consider the feature of using a stop words list?

Thanks and congratulations on the project.

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Hi there. Currently Q2A doesn't support stop words, but when searching takes place, words above a certain frequency are automatically ignored - more here. So in practice these common words shouldn't have much effect on your Q2A site.

As to the question of code submission, while Q2A is fully open source, I'm afraid the core is not yet open to contributions. I realize this can be frustrating, but I don't feel that Q2A is yet sufficiently mature to be developed collaboratively.