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In stack overflow if you put your text between `` then it will appear as a highlighted text.

Does Markdown Editor has same feature?

Please note that my question is different from block quote.

Q2A version: 1.6

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i suppose you're using Scott's Markdown Editor plugin . 

In this case I think you should modify the code style in the css (wmd.css) you find in :


Try for instance to download  this one and replace your wmd.css.

Thanks. But it doesn't have that feature I want.
What's the feature that you want ?
Aren't you talking about highlighting a piece of text using **backtick quotes**  (`) as the Stackoverflow's markdown editor does ?
That is this feature :

and its example :

editing the question :

result :
Exactly! But now how should I add this to Mark Down Editor? I am not a programmer and not familiar with these codes. Could you please explain in more  details?
1) Follow this link  :
and download (top right button on the page) the wmd.css file

2) Copy it into the "pagedown" folder, that is here :

<your q2a doc root>\qa-plugin\q2a-markdown-editor\pagedown\
(or : <your q2a doc root>\qa-plugin\q2a-markdown-editor-master\pagedown\
check the exact naming you've used for the markdown plugin's folder)

**replacing** your previous wmd.css file (if you want, make a backup of it before replacing it)

3) clear completely your browser cache

You should now have the feature
Thank you very much for your help. However I don't know why it doesn't work for me. :)
can you upload somewhere (dropbox ?) your plugin folder ?
are you typing `backticks` or 'ticks' ?
I'm typing bachticks.