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I want to add user avatar image on the right side when I visit the all questions or recent activity etc. I want to see user profile avatar on the right menu ,,, I think we can add in qa-theme.php but I couldn't find the code,  

I have tried this code but it's not working ,

$this->output(''.qa_get_user_avatar_html($useraccount['flags'], $useraccount['email'], $useraccount['handle'],
$useraccount['avatarblobid'], $useraccount['avatarwidth'], $useraccount['avatarheight'], qa_opt('avatar_profile_size')).'');
thanks for reply
It is very unclear what you're asking :/ On what "right side" or "right menu" are you talking about? Please, provide a screenshot. It might be possible to change something in the qa-theme.php file to handle that but will depend very much on your theme... so even if possible it is hard to provide a solution that will work in your theme unless it is exactly the default that comes in with the core (eg: classic theme or snow theme)

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any answer??? or hint?
Your hope may be such a thing.


This plugin displays meta information of question to sidebar. Effective page type is only question (view). Probably, you may want to display avatar of logged in user always in sidebar. Therefore, this is different from your hope. However, this will become the materials of the explanation.