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I suggest to add the following function to selects.php and to privde an option in the admin panel to choose if the tags page is sorting by Popularity or by Alphabet:

        function qa_db_alphabetic_tags_selectspec($start, $count=null)
            $count=isset($count) ? $count : QA_DB_RETRIEVE_TAGS;

            return array(
                'columns' => array('word', 'tagcount'),
                'source' => '^words JOIN (SELECT wordid FROM ^words WHERE tagcount>0 ORDER BY word ASC LIMIT #,#) y ON ^words.wordid=y.wordid',
                'arguments' => array($start, $count),
                'arraykey' => 'word',
                'arrayvalue' => 'tagcount',
                'sortdesc' => 'tagcount',

Or probably better: Modify function qa_db_popular_tags_selectspec($start, $count=null) and let the option switch between:

tagcount DESC


word ASC

see red spot!

Q2A version: 1.7 beta
Just got another user again requesting that, please consider it @Scott
yes, alphabet sort is required for any large site..

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