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My site users started posting "waiting for ansers" or "up up up" so that post appear at top of "All activity"

Is there is any wait to do "update" button, so when button is clicked question gets updated at top of list.

It would be verry similar to edit function with no editing.

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It's a great idea, and definitely a candidate for a future version. in the meantime you can implement this yourself with a couple of small code changes..

First, insert the following code in qa-page-question.php

if ($question['editbutton'])

'tags' => ' NAME="dobumpq" ',
'label' => 'bump',
'popup' => 'Make this question appear recent',
Depending on where you want it in the button order, put this code between other similar blocks, after the section entitled // Buttons for operating on the question In the file.
Second, insert the following code in qa-page-question-post.php
elseif (qa_clicked('dobumpq')) {
'UPDATE ^posts SET updated=NOW(), lastuserid=$, lastip=INET_ATON($) WHERE postid=#',
$qa_login_userid, @$_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'], $questionid

qa_redirect($qa_request); }

Insert it immediately before this line in the file:
elseif (qa_clicked('dosaveq') && qa_page_q_permit_edit($question, 'permit_edit_q')) {
That should do the trick - hope this is helpful to you and others.
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Thats great, it's working. If you add this feature in new version please do that user would able bump only once a day.

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