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hi all,

i am not a coder .. i am more the graphic designer ...

php / html and css is easy to work .. now the java is hard for me .. i dont check it for customize the template and i ever force to ask ;/

i am love the new generation from modern websites .. and want to add some features to my site for more modern feeling. i like it, my users like it .. and i dont know..you like it ?

i have now search in google to many java open source projects for insert in my Q2A Project ..

i mean the code is open and only add to Q2A .. is not to hard for a coder or ?


check this .. view the demo on the button ..

can i or we insert in Q2A for save or for notification ? i find this verry usefull .. and look good ;)

greez stefan

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Very important: it is not "Java" but "JavaScript" which is similar by name but a totally different language.

Regarding the plugin: From the user point of view, I think to show the warning notifications on the bottom right is not a good idea. Could be regarded as popup / ads.

In general: You can add any javascript library/plugin you like to your q2a site. Just use an advanced theme or plugin to inject it.

If you don't know how to code, get a programmer: http://www.q2apro.com/developers

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