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My question is in the same line of


I would like to have more freedom to deal with the categories.

1) I know that the categories can be added using the Administrator Panel. Is there a way to add them automatically? For instance, is it possible to read them from a MySQL table? If not, in what PHP file or function I should include this new feature to read for instance from a MySql table?

2) Is there a way to relate categories and tags? In my model, the same tag can belong to different categories? If not, I am thinking in building a table idcategory| idword (tag)| countcategorytag. The last column could be used to measure the importance of a given tag in a given category. Does it make sense?

3) As long a category is chosen as favorite, the questions feed present preferentially questions ralated to the tags that belong to the category? [After some time, the feed could only present the best ranked tags by category] If this not present, could you help me tell where I should take a look to include this new functionality?

Any help will be very appreciated since I am a very beginner in this forum.


Q2A version: 1.7.0

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