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I want to search a text in only those Q&A which have a specific tag (e.g "unix"). How to search for this ?
Currently it gives a lot of results from Q&A having any tags. It is difficult to find the exact question from such huge search results. So, Tag based search will help in this.
I am actually looking for the same thing :(
I'm looking for the same thing. Search for text on the selected tag.

Someone from development q2a  knows how to do it?

Any suggestions?  Thanks

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I am not sure if I understand your question. However, if you go to "Tags" and click in the desired Tag, you see only the posts that include this tag. Is this what you are looking for?
No. Go to the tag shows all the Q&A for desired tags (it can show too many questions) . Now, I want to search for a text in the Q&A shown for the desired tag.
I want search  
     Tag:tag1 MyText

I want search results from a desired tag only not from all the tags.