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Many problems in Q2A site are related to the theme and plugins. Safe Mode is like emergency feature of Windows and other OS. In safe mode, you can display Q2A site with minimum features, ignoring all the additional features. This feature can not be made in plugin. Therefore, it should be equipped in the Q2A core.

As a specific implementation, it would be good to add a safe mode flag in qa-config.php.

define('QA_SAFE_MODE', false);

Booting conditions of Q2A:

  • Maintenance mode is enforced
  • Load "Classic theme", ignoring the setting of the current theme
  • Stop loading of all plugins.
  • Read all of the options of the administration panel with default values (Best that user can choose in Safe Mode level)

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What do you think about this? (I want to especially to hear the opinion of @gidgreen)

Q2A version: 1.7
Its a nice idea...
+1 for the idea, if it is easy to implement :)

Additional idea: Maybe we could also have a debugger that writes all plugin activities into a log file?

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This feature is implemented in my product.

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Dear Sama55! +1! For me, it makes a lot of sense your suggestion. One of the most important things in successful websites is that they cannot disappear. Therefore, this kind of idea helps most people that are q2a users and do not have access to professional developers to solve their q2a sites problems as soon as they arise.
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Very good suggestion!  This is an excellent idea for any script, but for a script with so many plugins, it is an even better idea.

Thank you!