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Bug or feature?

If the user name consists of two or more words separated by spaces the search function will find nothing...

try it in this online version e.g. with the username "Benjamin Jacob Keren"

-- no search results - but if you go to the user-page - there are posts by this user...

Another strange behovior: The search results for single-word usernames contains only questions - no comment, no answers are displayed... 

Is there a way to change this?

Thank you for any hint....

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Yes, this is the way it works for now. The search-by-username only works for questions and only for single word usernames. Both of these could be addressed via adding tables/indexes to the database, but I felt (perhaps wrongly) that this is a fairly rare use for searching. Do you feel otherwise?
the background is getting something like a community to run.
So if somebody wants to look up inputs (questions/answers/comments) by a special user, he will search for his user name.
e.g. the user is accepted as an expert for a special topic somebody maybe would like to see all (hopefully sensful) topics contributed by this user.
Unfortunately right now there is no way to do this...

so - yes - I think a search-function even for double word user names and giving answers, questions and comments would make sense
(with respect to social network ideas)   (Thank you for asking  ;)    

hopefully I am not alone with this...
Hi gidgreen,
thank you for release 1.3.2 with the  new change text:
"Searching by username now works with multi-word usernames, if the search query contains nothing else."
I'll start testing :))))))
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Yes, I also think we should have this feature. For now the solution is Google Custom Search, but Google has not indexed all my pages yet.