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How to adjust font-size for segment "user-points"?

While searching for a way to control the font-size of the user-points I discovered, that there is already a class assigned to this in qa-theme-base.php  ...

But there is no definition for it in the qa-style.css !

So if you would like to control the font-size for the user-points:

just add the following to qa-style.css [e.g. section /*Question List*/]

.qa-q-item-who-points {font-size:80%;}

This is related to version 1.3 (maybe fixed in later versions)

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Yes, there are quite a few CSS classes referenced in the HTML which are not defined in the CSS files. They are there in case you might want to do something with them in your own theme!
:)  I'm learning every day...  :)
and loving this program more and more -- thanks for sharing!