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Ok I found a nice little plug in that I have been looking for that allows the users to delete their own questions, answers and comments, as well as allows the admin to delete all hidden post, The plug in works very nice how ever it has a little glitch in it, When I have a test user delete a question or answer it works, But for some reason it takes me to my sites index page, any one know how I can fix this?

plug in is located at:



update: When I say index page, Iam not talking about the qta index, iam talking about the the web host index page...
Q2A version: 1.7
Yes I have got your pm and I tried it on your website. There is surely something wrong but its not with the plugin, as I am using the same plugin on my website and it works perfect there.
But still to have it checked out I have pinged the dev of this plugin.
I just wrote them again, thanks anyway...
need to check on this . Thanks .

Created a issue for following it up

Thank you please let me know when it is fixed...

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This issue has been fixed . Thanks


Thank you...