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I'm running http://smartitbuy.com/ with Snow Theme  v1.3  - Q&A Version 1.6.2

I want to install a wordpress on http://smartitbuy.com/s/ and redirect the http://smartitbuy.com/ to http://smartitbuy.com/s/

But I want to redirect only the index.php and leave all 2000 questions as they are.

Any suggestions?
Q2A version: 1.6.2
in fact index.php appears just in a few lines of a few files : qa-include/qa-index.php and qa-include/qa-base.php. In the database, index.php might be present in the table qa_pages and in qa-posts ( internal links set by users ). It is a little heavy but possible , after a general archive , to change the index.php used by Q&A to qa.php using an editor and phpmyadmin .

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