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I am using Follow Users Widget. I want to show 10 followed users at first, and add a button to display all of them. I can't find where the list is cut.

How can i do this?



Note: I am using 5 star rating instead of one but rated=followed

I edited my question. Size of the left list is set by admin (10 users). Now i want to allow user to see full list.
Are you misunderstanding this plugin feature? This plugin displays users who are favorited by logged in user. It is not "Rated users".
The context is different, but this list really shows followed users. I wrote in my question that i use 5 stars instead of 1. Logged in user can give 1-5 stars to other user or leave him "unrated". It is actually the same as normally: if logged in user gave a star to some other user (one star or more), that other user will be on the list.

The question is how can i initially show 10 users, and on button click show the full list?
If this is too confusing just ignore the title. The answer for the list of normally favored users would be enough.

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