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I've started a new Q2A website named Stopbyte.com a programmers community website For Q&A mainly alongside some articles. and i was trying to get content and users to signup to it, i tried all means Advertising, Marketing, SEO, and even Paid users. and paid content..but nothing gave results at all.

So this is the question, How you guys do it, i've seen lots of Q2A dependent websites that r really doing well...

so any advice,

thanks in advance!

Edit: And Yep, i was looking for partners for almost a month now but no results, i don't think anyone would risk to spend time in a new site, as if it could work they would do it themselves. i will really appreciate any advice from u guys.

And btw i am planing to improve Q2A and make it more WP like to allow more customization without coding skills.
Q2A version: 1.7.x

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I find it hard to provide a forum for such a specific subject without a website on the subject.
My suggestion: Partner with sites about programming that do not yet have a forum.
To pretend that your site is busy, you can pretend you are a new user, ask questions and answer yourself with another account. This would generate content and improve your SEO.

I have not released my Q2A site, but will be on various issues such as Yahoo Answers. It is easier to divulge in social networks. Only I'm still looking for partners.