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Here's a simple plugin that adds a button to your Q2A forum, the button allows the user to scroll to the top.

Example Screenshot :


Github Link : Click here

Q2A version: 1.7.1
Nice work... :)
Hello @Onrub its great that you have made a plugin for this. I was wondering that why this simple feature is not included in Q2A SnowFlat, but what to say as there will be no answer for that.
So can you do one thing, that you make a pull request for this feature in Q2A github repo so that this feature can actually be included in Q2A core and we would have one less plugin to install. You would know that Q2A can't be used without plugins so in current state we are already using so many plugins that increasing there number would eventually scare me. So would you try to implement this as a pull request for Q2A core.

That way we can use your plugin and when Q2A 1.8 will be release this feature will be already in the core. And thanks for your effort for this plugin... :)
I don't know man, seems like a side feature, not something that should be part of the core. Have you ever measured the speed of plugin loading? Would the cluttering be a problem per se?

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