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On yesterday I installed Q2A on hostgator and I was getting a problem in accessing the admin panel. What was happening was that server was going down after login in admin panel, I tried on some networks but problem was still there. But finally I found the solution here > http://www.question2answer.org/qa/45185/server-gets-down-when-i-enter-the-admin-panel?show=45185#q45185

I applied it and commented the code, that solved my problem but another problem arrived this morning... There is no URL structure in the admin panel > General tab sad 

url structure missing

Edit 1 : Well as I seen the solution and I told hostgator support about this and they disabled the mod security. After that I uncommented the code and tried to access admin panel but same problem arrived sad So now I have to comment that code again even if mod security is desabled. Please help because I am not able to change the url structure.

Q2A version: 1.7.1

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Sounds like they didn't really disable mod_security at all. There is no other reason why loading that page would block you from the site.

I think perhaps a better solution is to only comment out the <iframe> line (line 986 in current version - see here). That way you still see the options so you can change it.

Edit: OK I tried installing mod_security on a test server and adding the LDAP rule but I am not able to reproduce the issue.

But I've just made a new commit ready for v1.7.2 that I think should fix this. Would you be able to test it for me? Check in qa-base.php at line 273 and change the definition of QA_URL_TEST_STRING to this:

define('QA_URL_TEST_STRING', '$&-_~#%\\@^*()][`\';=:|".{},!<>?# π§½Жש');

And uncomment the code you commented from admin-default.php. Thanks.

Thanks a lot scott it solved my issue! I just uncommented tht code in admin-defaults.php and put your code in qa-base.php and it work like charm thank you!
Awesome, thanks for testing it!