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The profile displays "anonymous"

I click on the profile and appears to IP page

This 2 users is destroying my site Q2A =(
Q2A version: 1.7
What is the site and what is the page where the problem appears?
The question page is hidden and the user's profile page I can not access.
I will send a PM with the website

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So after some investigation it turns out this is due to emoji characters being 4-byte Unicode, which don't work with MySQL - they just get removed when adding to the database. They can be used if the columns use utf8mb4 character set, but unfortunately that's only available on MySQL 5.5+.

So for now I've made a change to Q2A that will remove 4-byte characters in posts to avoid this bug. Will be part of 1.7.3.
Thanks brother...
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If the username is showing as "anonymous" and links to an IP, then those users are posting without registered accounts.

You should check in Admin > Permissions and make sure all the posting permissions are set to "Registered users" or higher.
Please Scott, create an account on this site using only one of these symbols and you'll see what's going on:
Thanks, I've tested and I'm seeing the bug too. It looks like all emojis are actually removed from the username. Will check further and find a fix.
Great... I'll wait for fix too :)
Scott, please, also block invisible usernames (made with codes, example: Alt + 240).