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Hello everyone
Are there developer in question2answer?
Or is it finish?
No update. No new plugins. More errors. No reply. Is there a developer?
It will be paid but it must be develop
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Are there developer in question2answer?

Yes, I'm the lead developer currently, and there are several contributors.

No update.

There are still regular updates happening, though they are smaller as I've been very busy the last few months.

There was a release mid-November, and there should be another minor one before too long (just need to fix a couple more issues).

No new plugins.

There are still plugins being made as far as I know. Maybe there haven't been as many recently, not much I personally can do about that.

More errors.

Examples? If you submit a bug report here or on GitHub it will get fixed asap. I've fixed loads of bugs in recent months.

No reply.

No reply to what? I reply to several posts on here, and to issues on GitHub.

The project relies on members of the community getting involved where they can. We have some people who help out here but of course we can always use more!

If you have some more constructive feedback I'm happy to hear it, and I'll do what I can. Thanks.

I bought the Noah badges plugin and reported errors here, but I guess the author is not involved anymore in this plugin. Is there a way to get support now? Thanks
Question2answer is best question system. But it may be get  more update and extras. Example mobile is not useless. There are maybe a donation system and and developers may be work a lot
All of NoahY's plugins are free and open-source. Even the badges plugin: https://github.com/NoahY/q2a-badges And right, NoahY is not developping anymore for q2a.
I am not off :P but currently busy developing a unique (eventually will be gigantic)  plugin for Q2A and the first release will be soon in a month or so.
Jatin, you are not NoahY as far as I know ;)