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I was looking for a way to go to a category page and found that there is actually no way to do that unless I click on of the categories in sidebar "All category" widget.

If I go to "Categories" page, there I can only click on a link which takes me to recent questions of that particular category, instead of that category itself.

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Yes you're right. Currently the Categories page works more like the Tags page, you can only view tagged questions in the order they were asked.

What do you think should happen? Should there be a link on "Categories" to the general category page?
Yes I want categories names in Category page to be linked to General Category page. That way it is much more easy to promote those page and even when we do SEO (link building) for them then those are easy to find.
The problem with that is the category names expand the subcategories. So we might need something else to handle that.
We can add a "+" sign after the parent category and as users click on this plus sign then subcategories will show, otherwise if the click on category name then General category page will open. This is just a suggestion.