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The server only has my site Q2A

CPU usage

Last 1 minute 121.97
Last 5 minutes 122.31
Last 15 minutes 94.13






Q2A version: 1.7

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First thing I notice:

4367.29 ms - 95073 rows - 2 columns

 Your qa_options table has over 95,000 rows! Q2A core has around 300 options, most plugins only add a handful of options.

So you must have a plugin that's added thousands of options somehow. You should check through your table and see where they have come from.

Most likely it's a bug with a plugin that keeps adding options with different names.

Or maybe it's from a bunch of plugins you have installed at one time but then removed. Over time, adding and removing plugins leaves options in the table that are no longer used.


Edit: if you're not sure which options are filling up the table, try this query in phpMyAdmin:

SELECT SUBSTRING(title, 1, LOCATE('_', title)) AS sub, count(*) AS num
FROM qa_options GROUP BY sub ORDER BY num DESC

That will show you which prefixes for options are most common, e.g.
permit_   41
show_     32
points_   23

Scott is a great developer! I am very grateful to him for helping me again.

truthonlytruth, my website presents this error message at times:


This has happened to your site?
A big NO...
That sounds like your mysql server is going away...
Did you apply Scott's performance improvement patch on that question?
Yes. The performance improved greatly after the improvements. But even this problem happens sometimes.
Tomorrow I'll delete the errors caused by the plugin.
I hope this is causing the problem.
Delete the lines help improve enough. Thank you Scott.
But there is some other problem that causes unavailability of my site at times.