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Hello !
I need someone, who is interested to work with me on new plugins etc. suited for my site :) I have portal like buzzfeed on Q&A with many GAINING POINTS offer . This site is like big fandoms (fanclubs) competition for knowledge and not only.

I need someone for frequent work - maybe every month new plugin. I can pay by paypal .

Do You know anyone or someone from here is interested to work with me? :)

I'm looking for this kind of plugins:
- reactions after posts (as on facebook now)
- tests for users and more offer as on playbuzz
- bookers plugin (points as money)
- planning posts plugin (for specific date/time)
...and more :)

If anybody's interested, please send me by private message here :)

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why dont put this post on freenlacer page.
hello ;) I received some messages after this post, so I think this was good decision to post about it here ;) Thanks :)