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I am not tested external user yet, but I don't really understand how external user will work with other DB user especially is password and how can be Question2Answer accounts can be migrate to other CMS?

In this case, for example I installed a wordpress blog and trying to copy user from question2answer DB user to Wordpress DB user but they are using different password hasing and different password encryption algorithm so it's can't be work.

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When you use the Single Sign On method, user accounts are not stored in Q2A at all. Login and registration is only through the other app (e..g Wordpress). So there is no need to do what you say.

When you're logged in with Wordpress, Q2A has special functions (in qa-include/util/external-users-wp.php for Wordpress, or qa-external/qa-external-users.php otherwise) that call through to Wordpress functions in order to check a user is logged in.