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I know wordpress is for blogging but I need a simple solution. I have some large question and answers on my old asp.net forum. Now I want to move it to either to Wordpress or Q2A or Vbulletin. If I had to move it to wordpress then i will simply make the question title as the blog post title and copy paste all the answers.

I'm thinking about wordpress since it loads fast even there is 1000s of pages, but since I'm making the forum posts as a blog post, it don't look so good. So, I'm confused. I'm mainly focusing on the search engine visitors.

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Why have a doubt ?- Q2A is built for that purpose. It works fast for even 10,000 of pages or even more. I have been seeing the code of Q2A and it is written fantastically.
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I'm using all three, wordpress, Q2A and vBulletin. for your case just move to Q2A and I'm sure you will not regret.

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