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I have a complicated scenario and want to know whether i can use two databases at the same time at the same installation?

I have a site hosted using this cms which is open for public and I want to make another installation which I have to host inside a company server. Now if someone opens the site from inside the company then I want to display data of both the installations i.e. the public site and the data created inside the company so as to ensure that the company data is safe and is inside company premises. Now if someone clicks the question link and it is company data i.e. available in the data that is hosted inside the company then it opens the question and answer page and if the data belongs to the public installation then it is redirected to the original site.

Is this possible? If yes, how should I do it? At which locations I have to make the changes and how I will manage the sorting on different view pages?
Can you be more specific? Are you using exact same 2 sites (categories, tags) and just the questions differ?

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