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In some circumstances - e. g. changing to a new host - it would be nice to see the server IP in the admin panel to know if the new server has already picked up the site.

Just an idea.

PS: In Chrome you can use the Developer Console http://superuser.com/a/961793/169199
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I know this is an old question but it was on my favourites list so I guess I was intending to answer it :)

From what I can tell it is not actually possible to reliably get the external IP of the current server, PHP only sees it as localhost so it will just show "" or "::1" for the IP.

I think the best way is through Dev Tools as you mention. You just go to Network tab, click the first entry for the actual page, and it shows the IP. You can also use a command line and enter

ping www.example.com

and it will show you the IP it's trying to connect to.