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Automatically display the "Login or register to answer this question" would make more visitors to register on the site to add your answer.

But to registered users, the best option is "if no answer" to prevent users answer before reading the other answers.
Q2A version: 1.7
Do you want to display registration message to unregistered users in the case of answer exists?
Yes. For more visitors register on the site to add your answer (And possibly be interested in answering other questions or return to the site).
However, enable this option for all users in the administrative panel, would make already registered users answer the questions without looking at the previous answers.

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Because process of this part is so nervous, my answer might not be the best. Originally, it is better to override core function of application layer. However, it is difficult. I will show easy solutione of theme layer.

Try to add below codes to your qa-theme.php

    public function a_form($a_form) {
        if(!qa_is_logged_in() && count(@$this->content['a_list']['as']))


Adverse effect of this hack:

When unregistered user clicked answer button, it will be no reaction in the first time. But, it would be a small things.

Thank you for your answer, Sama!